Coming Soon: The Theory Challenge!

One of the key strengths of Theory Studios is that we are made up of artists around the world. In an age of connectivity, however, that phrase is almost meaningless without the human element. Where—exactly—are our world-wide artists located? Who are they? What do they do for the studio?

In an effort to introduce our team to the world, Theory Studios is proud to announce the Theory Challenge!

In 2019, Theory artists from around the world will emerge from their technology-filled rooms and head out into the world—specifically out into their home towns. There, they’ll take a photo of themselves with something that is uniquely local, along with their name and what they do at Theory.

Oh, but that’s not all! We’re a creative bunch (see our demo reel as proof), so the goal of the Challenge isn’t just to take a standard photo; the goal is to be creative! Specifically, being more creative than the previous highlighted artist. It’s a competition in creativity, and one-upmanship!

Being part of a studio often means a single artist’s work becomes blended into the whole of a project. The Theory Challenge will allow us to highlight the many talented artists that make up Theory Studios, putting the spotlight on them as they show off their personality and their part of the planet.

Who knows! With so many artists, you might be living in the same town as one of them right now!

Get ready to meet your Theory neighbors in 2019 🙂