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World Blender Meetup Day

Welcome to the Greatest Gathering of Blender Enthusiasts Worldwide!

World Blender Meetup Day is a celebration of everything Blender for one day: March 17, 2018. It's our way of getting together artists, creators, fans and studios into one world-wide YouTube Live session. Get a group together and join our line up of talks, workshops and companies for the event!

Watch Below!

Our streaming service went down a couple of times, we had to split our broadcast into three videos:

PDX & Miami Recording:

Comments and QA:

Los Angeles, Nimble, Europe, Africa 2018 Recording

Australia - Madrid 2018 Recording

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Schedule of Events for March 17, 2018 (times in UTC)

Watch the 2017 Replay


Melbourne - Buttery - Making the WBMD logo - part 1

Boston - Crawford - Addon updater coding

Emeryville - Savery - Renderman for Blender

Los Angeles - Sean Kennedy - VFX with Blender

Collo - Hamouda - Architecture

Seattle - Baechler - Scuplting

Amsterdam - de Rijk - Artistic Historical Reconstruction

Brisbane - Denaro - Fiddler Crab Retopo

Buenos Aries - Bouza - Rigging

Boston - Roper - Crowdmaster

Los Angeles - Goetz - What's New in Blender

Los Angeles - Deming and Blume - Volkshalle Interior

Amsterdam - van Vliet - Experiments for Dutch Railways

Portland - Brubaker - B-PDX's 2017 Mascot Project

Kansas City - Williamson - Retopoflow

Sydney - Crowther - Crowdrender

Ourense - Villar - Procedural Shading in Cycles

Redding - Mcdougal - Volkshalle exterior

Los Angeles - Joel and Cobalt - Next Gen VR360 Content

Amsterdam - Ferwerda - HMD and VR development

Amsterdam - Dewanchand - Education

Amsterdam - de Rijk - Making the WBMD logo - part 2

Amsterdam - Levy - Skywatch VFX

2016 World Blender Meetup Day Replay

Editted by David McSween

2014 World Blender Meetup Day Replay








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