Here's to Year #4!

A few days ago, we turned four years old. It's been incredible journey that has taken us from making simple little short films to working on one of last year's most highly watched shows: The Man in the High Castle.

Most recently, we partnered with our friends at Barnstorm VFX to create an amazing amount of visual effects for The Man in the High Castle. Our work was featured in Reddit, BlenderNation, io9  and AllegorithmicAt the end of last year we also released two amazing things. First, our Ray & Clovis Christmas episode premiered on Amazon Prime! What an honor :) Second, our artist Chris Folea released the game, Punch Bomb! Punch Bomb is rated as one of the best virtual reality arcade games on Steam. It's also coming out with a new version for Oculus Rift this month!


There was a recent downside too. We had to drop what was to be our newest series, Beans & Peas. It was a fantastic "kids show" project that had two great directors. Unfortunately, they had to depart for various life reasons. On top of that, our partner, Vessel, went bankrupt and pulled their funding before we were able to continue forward. Darn.

We're hoping Beans & Peas will have a second life. Between all the other work we had going on, we decided to shelve Beans & Peas until it gets the time it deserves.

And to be honest, we know we haven't been as communicative lately. People have messaged us asking what's going on, what we're making and what we've been up to.

Well, we'll tell you...


First, we want to tell you about a brand new piece we're creating called Cyberpunk. It's a working title for a new animated short film unlike anything we have done before. It's a high action, intense, martial arts-fueled short where augmented humans fight for the right to live in a world that hates them.

We can't wait to show you what we have in store. At the end of this month, we'll do our first big reveal of Cyberpunk, showing off artwork and early renders.

Meet Vic

Meet Vic

Cyberpunk City

Cyberpunk City

But that's not all!


Now this is totally different.

Inspired by elements from the game Myst, the practice of Zen and the exploration capabilities of virtual reality, we're creating a new genre for VR exploration games. It's still in its infancy (we don't even know what to call it yet!), but we're looking at having an early access release for later this year. This is a room-scale experience, so anyone with a Vive or Rift can walk around and explore. It's going to blow your mind :)

We know we've been quiet on the communication front, but trust us, we're hard at work and have some incredible stuff in store!

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