Theory Animation is NOW Theory Studios!

Exciting news everyone! We've been up to a LOT of things here at Theory. First, we released a new (and very festive) Ray & Clovis Christmas short. Then, we headed over to where our resident guru David taught a course on the 12 Principles of Animation. And THEN we and the lovely people at Barnstorm VFX got nominated for TWO awards for our work on The Man in the High Castle.

Yeah yeah, you say, but that all happened LAST year. What are you doing THIS year?

Glad you asked, hypothetical and slightly-cynical reader!

As Theory's grown, we've had opportunities to play with the many creative talents out there. We've been stretching our imaginations in a lot of different areas, and we realized we needed to reflect all those new directions in our name.

So our biggest announcement this year?

Theory Animation is NOW Theory Studios!

Don't worry. We're still the same awesome animation studio you've always known. We're just ready to conquer new creative worlds, too.

What worlds, you ask curiously?

First, we're exploring the wonders of virtual reality technology and will be taking you an immersive, three-dimensional adventures. We won't even charge you baggage fees!

Second, premiering later this year, we're headed to a distant (and dystopian) future in a NEW, high-end animated short.

Third, we've got more Ray & Clovis! Longer episodes are in the works, (so no more Reading is Magic Parts 1-4), and we're REALLY excited to announce that these episodes will be on Amazon Prime!

We've got other things planned as well (including picking some beans & peas off our render farm), but for now, this is more than enough for our crazy crew.

Come join us for these new adventures, won't you?

Thanks for all of your support and love!


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