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Almost a year ago we were contacted by our friends at Barnstorm VFX regarding a crazy, crazy project they were about to start. We were just coming off a successful season 2 of Ray & Clovis and had a lot of energy going into the new year.

The project they pitched was complex.. it would have full cities, tens of digital doubles, thousands of digital extras, giant interiors, and an incredible attention to detail to the history... of NAZI Germany.

The project was a major TV show by Amazon Studios' The Man in the High Castle and we would be collaborating with Barnstorm VFX on developing the CG elements for the show!


10 months later I am happy to say everything is done, turned in, and the TV show is going to be *AMAZING*.

I'm really proud of all the work the studio has done, and I'm sure all of you will love it come this December. Here's a trailer that features some of our work:

I know our updates to Ray & Clovis have been few and far inbetween (don't worry! We have a new Christmas special coming soon!) + We've got The Beans & Peas Show launching in just a couple of weeks also on Amazon.com.  AND a new VR Game!

Get ready. The next few weeks are going to be awesome. 

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