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A few months ago, we opened a shop on Sketchfab. What's Sketchfab? It's an awesome site that gives digital artists a place to create and sell ready-built 3D game models and assets. Working on a new game or project and need a parking meter? A building? A dinosaur? You can find a whole world's worth of models and assets on Sketchfab!

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World Blender Meetup Day 2017 is Coming!

Let me tell you a story of a Dutch man named Ton Roosendaal. Back in 1998, he founded a company called "Not a Number" in order to continue development on a simple little software program: Blender. Ton's goal was simple: make a free creation tool for interactive 3D content, supported by a commercial version. Sadly sales were tough, competition fierce from American and Canadian companies, and NaN had to shut down in early 2002. It seemed pretty bleak. But Ton had an idea...

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What We've Been Up To

Almost a year ago we were contacted by our friends at Barnstorm VFX regarding a crazy, crazy project they were about to start. We were just coming off a successful season 2 of Ray & Clovis and had a lot of energy going into the new year.

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Here's to Year #4!

A few days ago, we turned four years old. It's been incredible journey that has taken us from making simple little short films to working on one of last year's most highly watched shows: The Man in the High Castle.

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