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Theory Studios started off as a hypothesis...

Could you build a studio where anyone could work from anywhere in the world?

Co-founders David Andrade, and Mark Olson have combined over 40 years of experience in visual effects, animation and production. Frustrated with an industry that was constantly relocating top talent, the three artists came up with an idea: What if we took the best talent from all over the world put them under one virtual roof?

Fast forward to 2013 and the co-founders started their studio, the world's first virtual animation company. Since then we've produced animated shorts for Frederator, partnered with Vessel for a new animated series, and worked on hit shows like Silicon Valley and The Good Wife.

Our Team


David Andrade

David Andrade

David brings years of talent in animation, game production and visual effects. He spearheads Theory's creative unit. (LinkedIn)
Mark Olson

Mark Olson

Mark is Theory's Head of Software. Having over a decade in experience designing and coding, Mark makes sure the studio's artists can work at the touch of a button. (LinkedIn)

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